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Night club owner in Somalia HOW become “Mouazan” of Khana Kabba, True story of Somali singer Abdullah

 Night club owner in Somalia HOW become “Mouazan” of Khana Kabba, True story of Somali singer Abdullah

Night club owner in Somalia HOW become “Mouazan” of Khana Kabba, the story of Malik Abdullah
When a famous singer but then I became the owner of the nightclub where I sing songs mqdysu reservations for hotels and nightclubs offer more funds. Months to live, to impress people and In order to make himself more popular rcata innovative dramas. naked dance, erotic conversations and we aim to make money through songs asqyh life had become. be available when these things happen, then Satan is very happy. bgry the family, the the rich girls, and boys, alcohol, drugs, heroin, everything was available. dances laboratory because we were settled. Satan’s goals to a large group of people around us had lecher

, Somalis continued to highlight the art, to please the West, we are progressive people of my faith, and morals of Islam ….. but my tongue was out of the funeral were recruited.
“In 1983 my father chose a girl from her own family. Well was hlagla. Television, newspapers, media representatives gathered. Certainly was a memorable wedding.
There, while I sleep without praying. I refer to this nightclub, to hear the words, refers to its earnings, bank balance awesome breed They say: “If the only purveyor of race ”The
I think my wife can. However, the battle begins at home. I heard her make her listen
“A few days passed, then breaks into a house one day when I was making the call. City’s mosques were being raised azanyn. Ashd them everywhere … Allah Akbar La ilaha alslaة hy Ali was the echo. When When going to sleep in his room, my wife said: “Why do not you go to the mosque for prayer? Have you not heard the call? “
are going to. why you do not turn to the mosque? it is Rehman’s blauh. the owner by almut party “and then my mind was in conflict of good and evil. nature sounds blndhuyy: Your name is so beautifulwill be a long maturity? Zamir also came past me ….. damn ….. but then the club started ranayyan, television screen, stage, reputation, honor ….. I do listen to her? I leave this job? This position is for the great effort and struggle. As I used to sleep thinking about it. “
“In the evening I made the change. Club to prepare ….. my wife whispered in my ear, had tears in her eyes. He was saying: sit just listen to me ….. He is our sustainer …..? Halal is a corrected lqmun is better than the thousands. “
“I feel akh discuss his wife’s voice ….. ….. ….. His words are true indeed. Accuracy is the voice of nature ….. This is my art ….. but ….. … my reputation, my voice …..? … I do not listen to her say quickly fled. “
hy ….. Ali Falah … “
side “
“I entered the mosque, the ablution. Party was being held, I prayed. Some worshipers have recognized me. Has no hands, no judge has been removed. Smile on their faces and joy to my face is shining. be in the nature of the shift. ”
“Someone gifted me a copy of blessings. It was my life ….. utensils for my new car model is valuable. His head and looked at home instead of nightclubs. My wife and I come before The time had come home ….. dykhakrty asaءky today I was watching the house. wife went to. “….. Mrs ….. Congratulations to you today to repent of your songs. I ufjur evil and blood and three lab life divorces are granted. I sincerely repented. I’ve been tayb Praise God.
was “
! The strengthening of Islam in their hands ….. and then he took Abdullah, in his honor, his sponsorship of the ….. I recently had memorized the Quran ten Partha.
Now he was a preacher of the faith, Islam, Quran, Hadith, then she came over several times in Mecca for pilgrimage. Again in this latitude Haram, in Mecca, the blessed and holy shrine in the city I got a muzn. preacher Abdullah is still, he is muzn voice of Islam in Saudi Arabia or Somalia, everywhere he is invited to perform the duty of the shelf njany ktakarun many criminals and the
Absolutely right, because the Messenger of Allah said:
;;;;;;;; Aldnya aldnya almraة alsalhة utensils and utensils well;;;;;;;;
“The world is a fund (item gains) and a good wife is the best fund

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