Wednesday, January 27, 2010

i wana move...

I hate to love you
I am finally satisfied !!
for all your crap and shenanigans,
It is time for me to pack,
Get ready to move on,
from all these long fights,
from all these unending lies.
I am so sick of this illusion,
Can’t take all this confusion,
Fuck all these empty promises,
Words by time are now meaningless,
So sick of listening to these excuses,
knowing that I want be with you,
But not gonna jeopardize my happiness,
Not ready for the risk of getting hurt again,
Don’t think I ever will be,
Put these walls up around me,
Not willing to take them down,
Don’t bother trying to undo them,
I just don’t care anymore,
Sorry but I’ve been hurt before,
So badly that I still haven't recovered,
Only enough to hide it,
I want you, I need you,
But I don’t want to need you,
Leave me alone before you hurt me,
Come back into my life before you leave me,
I love you and I hate you,
It is time for me to go home !

...shuja alone...

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