Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The thief and Charming lady

“The thief and Charming lady”

By Farooq Sarwar
The couple was in the observation of the thief. The lady was highly charming. Every morning she left the house with her husband in their car. She was always in a fine dress and makeup. The car was brand new and very expensive. This truth also increased the greed of thief.

The thief was kept informed that they are very wealthy, have the gold, money and diamond jewelry. He was always dreaming about it and it was his desire that when he will get the wealth.

The thief had the problem that how he would jump into the house of the beautiful lady in daytime, because it was located in the populated area. Though it was highly peaceful and posh locale, but the children were playing there regularly and the ladies of the neighborhood were also in visiting terms. The entry into the house during the night was also impossible because the lady had the wild dogs, which were well trained and could kill and tear him into many pieces. It was equally impossible for him to give them poisonous pork, for the reason that they were also trained to ignore the food of others.
The Thief also collected the information that the man with the woman was not her husband but her servant, who took her daily to the bangles of the womanizers and rich people, where she received the highly prices of her beauty. She did not like to show her profession; therefore she was exposing him as her husband but in real words he was the pimp. It was routine that at evening after getting dropped off at her house, the driver left the place to his own home to join his family and personal affairs and then in the morning he returned though there was darkness.
The next day he came before the house of the precious lady almost 8 o clocks in the morning but amazingly the couple did not get out at all. Now he was of the opinion that might be the servant was feeling not well or it is likely that he has some personal matters. Therefore he has not joined the lady for today. He waited till two hours and it was just his good luck that nobody took notice of him. Meanwhile, he was at the backside of a larger tree. Finally he moved towards the house and pressed the bell of the big black gate

Instantly the lady opened the little door in the gate. The thief was very bold and courageous; therefore he said that you are the most beautiful lady, I am in love with whom. I contacted your driver. He promised that today he would fetch you into my home, but I think today he does not appear on his duty. I spent all the night in the gladness that tomorrow I will enjoy your charming and pleasant company. So I came here myself because it was impossible for me to wait more for this happy moment. Really I'm thirsty for you. Kindly finished my thirst
The arrival of a stranger confused the lady therefore her face turned to red. Truly it was amazing and this kind of event was not carried out in the past, but she grasped him and pulled him into the house abruptly. Really the stranger was very well dressed and apparently he looked prosperous and well-off. But the face of the lady was still blushing, because she was very conscious that it would be sad that some passerby observed him in the street and in fact the act was unfavorable to her.
Now the beautiful women protested that this is the area of the nobles, they don't know about my prostitution, if they know the truth about me, they will expel me from here. My driver is a very stupid, who provided you my address. But I will ask him later.
When the lady closed the door, the thief observed different shades on her face, which were constantly changing. Especially the change was reflected in her beautiful eyes. Now she began laughing, which was not stopping. This abnormal attitude of the lady was amazing for the thief. Though she stopped her laughing in a little while but still smiling and asked that in fact I am beautiful and really you want to love me and you are mad for this.
The Thief was a master in his profession. Really it was the sole and single reason that he was working his work alone and do not agree with the interference of others because the partnership bestows chance to the police authorities, therefore he was still far from police and jail up till now. Really enormous and big thefts were committed by him for years; he was fully aware of the depth of his art and also is familiar with how to deal with the people. Now he smiled too that I get the experience of a lot of beautiful women. But your beauty is totally different and needs appreciation. Truly I am quite thirsty and restless for you. It is my genuine desire to enjoy your excellent company, now and at present. Trust me when I see you from near now, it indicate that my friends were truthful about you and they were not exaggerating. Now it also revealed to enjoy the beauty of this flower forever.

The pretty lady looked so gorgeous. Her makeup and fine dressing were also charming. She immediately caught the hand of thief and moved forward. The bungalow was highly stunning and attractive from each corner. Firstly they crossed the lobby of the house with a charming green park full of colorful flowers and green trees with chirping birds and then they entered the rooms side.
Now they came into a beautiful room but it surprised the Stranger because it was a room of children and two or three maids were looking them. All the infants were very beautiful and they were playing with toys. The babies and their caretakers were quite surprised on their sudden arrival.
The view was very surprising for the Thief. Therefore he moved back quickly. He left the room and then entered another room, but the babies were also there. His left hand was totally in the control of the beautiful lady. Now they shifted themselves in third room but it was also extended to the children. Really the moment was very confusing for the man and he was thinking that what it means is that each room is the child’s room.
Finally the man forgot the theft and cried that what kind of mystery is this. Every room is the room of children. Who are these babies and how they come here
“They belong to my unfortunate city burned and destroyed by war and the parents of these unlucky babies were killed in the flames of this cruel conflict.” The lady replied.
“Who are you” asked the confused Thief again.
Now the attractive woman laughed aloud that I am the flame that burns for them and giving them a light.
The end