Saturday, February 20, 2010

Some of the unrefusable facts of today world:

Today we have bigger houses but small families.

more degrees yet less common sense.

advanced medicines but poor health.

two income but more divorces.

touched moon but no contact with our neighbours

high income yet less peace of mind.

free messages but no intention to send a single one.

don't wait for any special occasion aways stay in touch

happy day....

happy life....

with a lovely smile....

mera sawan bhi tum ho meri pyas b tum ho

mera sawan bhi tum ho meri pyas b tum ho
sehra kii bahoon mein chupi aas bhi tum ho
tum yoon to bohat door!bohat door ho mujhe se
ehsaas ye hota hai mere pass bhi tum ho
her zakham kii aagosh mein he dard tumhara
her dard mein taskeen ka ehsaas bhi tum ho
kho jao to veeran sii hojaty hein ratien
mill jao to phir jeeny ka ehsaas bhi tum ho
likhta hoon to tum hee utarty ho qalam se
parhta hoon to lehja tum aawaz bhi tum ho........